CodeHealer 2.5

Source code analysis tool for Delphi

CodeHealer is a source code analysis tool for Delphi. It reads the errors of logic and syntax and inefficient coding techniques through your code and reports.

You only need to pull up your Delphi project file, click an icon and this tool will begin to analyze it. CodeHealer also zips through all the files in a project and lists each unit in a window.

If you encounter a warning and syntax error, this product will prompt you to load the file into the Delphi editor in order for the software to fix the error.

The errors are shown in the form of an outline. The header on the outline provides the general information on the type of error. This tool has an identifier that sorts out errors by their type.

It also allows you to click on the error message to show the location and source of that specific error code. You can either edit the code directly from the display window or load the file into Delphi.

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